Amazon 3P seller information policy change

How is the change in Amazon seller information policy change relevant?

Amazon recently announced that starting September 1 (2o21) that it would require all third sellers to disclose their business name and address in the US.

This information would appear on their seller profile page and list the contact information of the 3P account. Currently, Amazon allows any reseller to choose a storefront name and then guards the business details and keeps them private. As of September 1st, this will no longer be allowed.

This is a move by Amazon to be more transparent on their US site and it puts information in the hands of the consumer just like in Europe, Japan and Mexico. You would think with this update it would alleviate or eliminate unauthorized reseller problems, however, as one looks closer the optics are not that clear.

Amazon has required sellers to do this in Europe for years, but the unauthorized reseller issue is still a major problem on those sites.

The reason is that the majority of large resellers on Amazon are already operating under another company name. Removing one layer of the reseller onion only exposes another layer of cloaking as i2o sees a lot of bad actors on the platform.

And because you have what might be the seller’s address, it does not mean that it will respond to your calls.

This change also doesn’t stop unauthorized sellers from faking business details or creating new “companies” when they don’t want to appear in your category. It is something we see happening every day at i2o.

You need a solution that not only notifies these bad actors but also works with Amazon to enforce your reseller policy and provide discovery so you can stop inventory leaks and this is what i2o does.

Given our relationship with Amazon, we are able to get that last mile of obfuscation to show you the real reseller behind any DBA, LLC or other entity.

At the end of the day, you need a company like i2o to help enforce your reseller policies and get you the information that will improve your sales on Amazon.

As mentioned, 3P data is already available in Europe. But reseller issues on these sites are almost as bad if not worse based on the fact that sophisticated sellers can still hide who they are.

i2o can help you unmask bad actors and get them off the platform for your key ASINs.

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