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Easy. Accurate. Automatic. Brand Forecaster predicts your future sales to make inventory planning a breeze

Plan accurately

Accurately predict demand for any size catalog via our advanced machine learning model

Automate processes

Wave goodbye to time-
consuming spreadsheets. Say
hello to our intuitive dashboard

Avoid shortages

Secure the right amount of inventory to optimize sales all year round—no more, no less

Wave goodbye to spreadsheets. Say hello to easy

sales forecasting for amazon

We aggregate multiple data sources and use machine learning to deliver automated forecasts with proactive alerts. Walk away from having to manually scour and update Excel spreadsheets

Do forecasting right

Rather than spend hours forecasting sales across multiple ASINs, Brand Forecaster predicts future sales automatically in real-time, presents it in an easy-to-understand way, and makes far more accurate predictions. Easy

  • Automated forecasting driven by machine-learning models
  • Reduced lost sales due to improved product availability
  • Better data-driven discussions with Amazon to address ordering issues
  • Inventory deployment reflects latest consumer demand
  • Streamlined processes that drive productivity and time-savings

How Brand Forecaster delivers

Sales Planning: A consumer electronics brand utilizing our forecasting to manage the hybrid supply chain (domestic and import)

How Brand Forecaster delivers

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We care about your results, not just selling you more software

We're a results-oriented company. Our team of eCommerce experts helps you act on tailored insights that move the needle in your business

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And everyone in between.

We work with brands and eCommerce agencies to help you drive sales and increase profits through improved demand forecasting— by price optimization, inventory planning, or plain old time saved

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