Take Back
the Buy Box from Unauthorized Resellers

Brand Protector

Meet Brand Protector.
Our one-of-a-kind solution to securing your eCommerce sales

Increase revenue

Discover and remove
unauthorized resellers to
own the Buy Box

Control pricing

No more underselling.
Set the prices and
profits you want

Protect your brand

No poor customer
experience with duplicate
products & unauthorized bundles

Beware the

Whether you know it or not, unauthorized resellers on Amazon could be selling your product as we speak, eating into your profits and eroding your brand equity with a used, knockoff, or otherwise inferior product

Give them the boot

Brand Protector™ lets you track, monitor and enforce every reseller on the marketplace, removing unauthorized resellers on Amazon from the equation. Think of us like antivirus software—only for your brand. And your profits

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Brand Protection

We care about your results,
not just selling you more software

We're a results-oriented company. Our team of eCommerce experts helps you act on tailored insights that move the needle in your business


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of unauthorized resellers removed



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Listings Removed


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Average Buy Box

Brands. Agencies.
And everyone in between

We work with brands and eCommerce agencies of all shapes and sizes to help you track, monitor and enforce your reseller policies. The result? Increased Buy Box ownership, more controllable pricing, and a better customer experience

drive amazon sales and increase profits

Don’t have a
reseller policy?

We’ll help you write one, or update the version you’ve got

Define good and bad reselling

We help you create a reseller agreement that defines compliance to a tee and ensures everyone plays by the rules—then help you remove the ones who don’t

Take the legal high ground

We work with K&L Gates LLP, a leading multinational law firm, to write detailed, enforceable reseller policies that give you a strong legal claim. Amazon Sellers Attorney combining the knowledge and expertise of lawyers and policy professionals to create exceptional client solutions.

Automate enforcement

With your agreement in place, we help you create a playbook of boilerplate communications for unauthorized resellers—optimized to drive compliance

Take back
the Buy Box.
With Brand

Take back
the buy box.
With Brand