Marketplace Monitoring

With i2o Daily Amazon Alerts

marketplace monitoring with i2o retail daily amazon alerts

It takes a lot of time and resources to monitor your online sales channels.


Your Amazon business gets negatively impacted by changes not under your control such as:


  • 3P sellers stealing the buy box and hijacking sales
  • MAP violations wreaking havoc on competing channels
  • Distribution leakages that become unauthorized 3P offers
  • Unauthorized changes to product listings
  • Recent negative reviews that thrash conversion and tarnish brand integrity

Stay a step ahead with i20 Daily Amazon Alerts

Save time monitoring your top products on Amazon with a single email of exception-based alerts for buy box behavior, resellers, reviews, and content changes. Our daily email allows you to:

    • Download full reports directly from your email inbox to save time logging into the i20 App
    • Access to quick links to the i2o App for a deeper dive into your reporting insights where you can customize date ranges, product assortments, and more
    • Leverage our i20 Preset Filters to tailor reporting to categories, brands, or other preferred methods of organizing your product focus

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