December 2022 Product Updates

Introducing the Portfolio Summary

Brands and e-commerce agencies often struggle to view sales performance across all of their 1P and 3P Amazon businesses.  Data is fragmented, requires multiple login sessions to pull reports, and ultimately impacts productivity.  


The i2o application is an integrated platform for hybrid brands (1P and 3P). Our newest feature enables a summary-level portfolio view of performance across brands and client organizations. For agency users, account managers can view their entire portfolios per their assigned roles within the organization.

With the Portfolio summary, users gain single-click access to:

  • Auto-download the latest WBR
  • Deep dives into specific issues with quick links into all key modules
  • Quickly gain insights on macro-level trends that impact several categories, brands, and organizations (e.g. a sharp decline in traffic across multiple brands and categories in a given week which indicates broader economic issue
amazon portfolio summary

Improvements to Sales Analysis Insights


We are excited to introduce the latest improvements to the Sales Analysis Insights module. Gain deeper insights from enhanced details in product pop-ups, and move quicker to act on exceptions. Quickly toggle between views for category versus brand and access easier glimpses of incliners and decliners that impacted last week’s sales.

Sales Analysis Insights

What’s new

  • Radio buttons to toggle between sales trends by brand or category
  • Pop up graphs to view trends for selected brand or category with a single click
  • Simplified layout to show Incliner/Decliners with additional fields such as Changes in Shipped Units
  • Single click access within Sales Analysis to drill down into analytics at a product/ASIN level with exception details and sales equation with Week over Week variance comparisons to prior week.
  • Adjustments to headers to improve readability of column headers, whenever user resizes a column in a table
amazon performance overview at i2oretail

Provide feedback in the i2o app


We love hearing how our customers benefit from i2o data, and we welcome your suggestions for improvement. Now, you can give your input quickly and even include a quick screenshot or description of your perspective. 

i2o app feedback form

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