How i2o helps your e-commerce business grow

Ecommerce Sales Equation

The ecommerce sales equation: Traffic x conversion x ASP $ = Sales
The ecommerce sales equation: Traffic x conversion x ASP $ = Sales
Sales Analytics

View and analyze sales data across channels to discover opportunities to maximize sales

Price Tracking and Monitoring

Track and monitor price changes across retailers and competitors to avoid channel conflicts

Reseller Monitoring & Enforcement

Automatically remove unauthorized resellers to control Buybox, price and customer experience

Content Monitoring & Management

Automatically monitor changes to content & receive recommendations on content optimization to improve conversion

PPC & Promotions Management

Analyze PPC Investment & spend your marketing $s on the highest ROI vehicle (Price Promos, AMS, AMG etc.)

PO & Demand Forecasting

Receive PO demand (short & long term) to manage internal open to buy processes

Search Rank & Optimization

View and analyze search relevance for products to invest in actions that improve rank

Customer Review Analysis

Analyze and track customer reviews to improve conversion and inform product development decisions

P&L Analysis

View P&L by product to understand true profitability to make informed business decisions

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“i2o Retail gives my team more time to focus on strategic and tactical actions. i2o delivers major value by automating all reporting, monitoring of content, Buy Box and pricing on Amazon.”


Brooke Peterson, VP Sales and Marketing eCommerce
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