The Beginner’s Guide to the i2o Application

It’s no secret that eCommerce channel managers constantly need data at their fingertips. In today’s market, you to be ready to react quickly to make pivotal decisions.


The i2o Retail application provides everything you need to manage your business. From combining 1P & 3P sales data to daily automated reporting, we can be the arms and legs of your eCommerce business.

All of your data, in one place

Can I combine data from Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central?

Yes! A major benefit of our tool is the ability to combine Vendor Central (1P) and Seller Central (3P) data in one environment. Depending on your AMZ channel setup, you may need to monitor both seller platforms. With i2o, you can combine sales, inventory, price, content, and much more. Increase productivity and eliminate the need to download multiple spreadsheets. 

Focusing the data on where it matters

What options do I have to customize my user interface?

There are many ways to customize the user interface of the i2o Application.

  1. You can use many types of filters to focus the data including category, brand, and region.
  2. The columns in data tables can be hidden to isolate data.
  3. Within graphs, you can click on data points in the legend to hide or view them.
  4. You can create filters presets which can be customized on a product level. This helps you quickly pull data for situational analysis.

Unlock export potential

How do I export my own data?

The ability to export data throughout the i2o application is a valuable benefit to users. Get your core metrics for Sales & Conversion, Inventory, and more.

  • Detail reports
  • Export tables with filters applied
  • Downloading charts and graphs

Detail Reports

We load two years of historical data. Customize your date range and pull Sales & Conversion, Inventory, Advertising and more.

Data Exports

Quickly export any data table to instantly pull the data you see with a simple right click.

Download Graphics

Need graphics for your presentation? Pull images like the Sales Equation and download in JPG, PDF, or PNG formats.

I am a new customer. What do the modules mean in the i2o application?

The i2o tool modules are organized by the program. Under the program icon, access a menu of modules to manage your eCommerce business.



Growth Accelerator provides data-driven sales insights and recommendations accessible in one place. Save time and eliminate the manual work of checking price fluctuations, Buy Box behavior, inventory, and other monitoring.

Brand Protector helps prevent lost sales by automatically removing unauthorized resellers. Gain omnichannel visibility over who is selling your products and control negative impacts on customer experience.

       Brand Forecaster provides better sales and inventory planning using advanced machine learning models. Reduced lost sales due to improved product availability, and facilitate better, data-driven discussions with Amazon to address ordering issues. 

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