Mean, lean,
data machine


Tap into your data and grow like never before with our intuitive, all-in-one insights engine

Automated Monitoring

Effortlessly track pricing, sales,
Buy Box, and more

Intelligent Alerts

Insights and recommendations
delivered straight to your inbox

Increased Productivity

Fewer spreadsheets, more data-
driven decisions

We connect the dots

Growth Accelerator brings it all together, serving up key information, insights, and recommendations to grow your business in no time

  • Access Data: Discover key metrics you couldn’t easily view otherwise
  • Save Time: Automate data management to focus on what matters
  • Gain Insight: Go beyond raw numbers to gain meaningful perspective
  • Real-Time Info: Up-to-date info on virtually all aspects of your sales funnel
  • Optimize Growth: Data-driven recommendations on everything from pricing to content
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We care about your results, not just selling you more software

We're a results-oriented company. Our team of eCommerce experts helps you act on tailored insights that move the needle in your business

Brands. Agencies.
And everyone in between

We work with brands and eCommerce agencies of all shapes and sizes to help you harness your data to its full, growth-unlocking potential

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