A platform that powers faster, better eCommerce decisions

Want to grow your 1P or 3P business? Drowning in the data deluge without an army of analysts or data engineers to help?  


We have the solution. The i2o Retail Advisor platform does the heavy lifting of acquiring, integrating, and making sense of the data so you can keep your focus on making smart business decisions.


On paper, Amazon gives you more data than you know what to do with. Yet, the fractured nature of siloed eCommerce data often leads you to become engulfed by spreadsheets and waste time trying to connect the dots.


In a rapidly unfolding landscape where things change hourly, you need a better way to assimilate siloed data into eCommerce business intelligence. 


The i2o Retail Advisor is an insights platform designed for brands looking to be more effectively data-driven in the increasingly algorithmic world of eCommerce retail.

We have established a robust platform for cloud-based analytical processing

cloud-based analytical platform for amazon sales
Take amazon eCommerce decisions from i2oRetail platform

Our platform connects all of your data in one place for faster better eCommerce decisions

grow amazon 1P or 3P business

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