Why shutting down 3P sellers is essential for success

As a brand owner, you know that protecting your brand and maintaining control over the distribution of your products is crucial to your success.


However, the rise of e-commerce has made it easier for unauthorized resellers to list and sell your products without your permission, potentially damaging your brand and impacting your profits.


 That’s why it’s essential for retailers to actively shut down unauthorized resellers in order to protect their businesses. 

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So, what exactly are unauthorized resellers and how do they harm your business?

Unauthorized resellers are individuals or companies that obtain and resell your products without your authorization or violate your reseller policy including aspects like MAP. This can lead to a number of problems, such as:

  • Dilution of your brand: Unauthorized resellers may not adhere to your branding guidelines or may sell counterfeit products, or used products sold as new, damaging the perceived quality and value of your brand.
  • Loss of profits: Unauthorized resellers may sell your products at lower prices, cutting into your profits and potentially leading to price wars with other authorized sellers. Brands can also suffer losses from price degradation where a lower ASP leads to a loss of profits.
  • Negative customer experiences: Unauthorized resellers may have poor customer service or may sell faulty or counterfeit products, leading to negative reviews and a drop in customer satisfaction.

So, what can you do to combat unauthorized reselling and protect your business?

Here are four essential strategies to use that can minimize the impact of third party sellers on the Amazon platform:

  1. Verify your seller account: By verifying your seller account, you can show customers that you are an authorized seller and help reduce the chances of counterfeits being listed on your product pages.
  2. Use Amazon Brand Registry: Amazon’s Brand Registry program allows you to register your brand and provides tools for combating unauthorized reselling, such as the ability to report suspected counterfeits.
  3. Set up vendor-authorized programs: By setting up programs that allow only authorized sellers to purchase your products, you can help prevent unauthorized reselling.
  4. Use Amazon’s Brand Gating feature: Amazon’s Brand Gating feature allows you to block unauthorized sellers from listing your products on Amazon.

By taking a proactive approach to shutting down unauthorized resellers, you can protect your brand, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Don’t let unauthorized reselling undermine the success of your retail business – take action to protect your brand and your business today.